Hem LIVSSTIL Amazon Becomes 5th Most-visited Website Globally with Over 5bn Monthly Visitors

Amazon Becomes 5th Most-visited Website Globally with Over 5bn Monthly Visitors

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Amazon Becomes 5th Most-visited Website Globally with Over 5bn Monthly Visitors 3

Online retail giant Amazon is among companies that have witnessed tremendous growth in 2020, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic. The growth has seen the platform attract increased traffic, competing with major players from other industries.

Data presented by Buy Shares indicates that Amazon.com was the fifth most visited website globally in September 2020. The platform attracted about 5.2 billion monthly visitors. The data overviewed the top ten most visited websites during the period, and Amazon was the only e-commerce platform in the group. Google.com remained the most visited website with 105 billion visits.

The research also overviewed top Google search queries as of Q3 2020. Amazon was sixth with an index score of 37. Google remained top with a search index of 100. The index score shows relative volumes for each query compared to search volumes for the top query. For instance, an index of 50 means that the query received 50% of the top query’s search volume.

Amazon builds on popularity acquired during the pandemic.

Amazon emerged as the most visited e-commerce website, building from its popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the period, Amazon was among the beneficiaries, as many people turned to e-commerce services to purchase essential items. Most governments imposed lockdowns limiting the movement of people to curb the spread of the virus. Amazon should expect more traffic as different regions continue to battle with a second wave of the health crisis. In general, changes in consumer preferences are reflected in Amazon’s traffic.

From Google search queries, it is clear Amazon has become an essential website among different users globally. Notably, it ranks among social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Socials are used daily to kill time, and their usage has risen in 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The existence of Amazon in the top category complements the company’s structure to meet all e-commerce demands. Most importantly, compared to competitors, Amazon has made strides in enhancing its services. When the pandemic hit, it was already prepared. Notably, competitors in the space lost visitors due to supply chain issues, product shortages, pick-up, drive-up issues, and pressure to meet excessive demand. These challenges have left Amazon to continue enjoying a competitive edge.

Continues to attract more visitors besides pandemic

Besides the pandemic, Amazon has remained a leading e-commerce platform due to its affiliate program’s universal uptake. The program directs users and potential shoppers to the site through referral.

To remain the top-visited e-commerce platform in a pool of resilient competitors, Amazon has managed to remain innovative, attracting new visitors while retaining old ones. For example, shoppers on Amazon enjoy world-class customer service. The American based company has developed a range of helpful tools users can employ to track packages and quickly return or exchange ordered items, bringing simplicity and convenience to their online shopping experiences. This dedication continues to position Amazon as the go-to e-commerce platform. It is no surprise that Amazon’s overarching mission is to become the planet’s most customer-centric company.

Most online shoppers are usually looking for convenience, and Amazon has managed to capitalize on this trend to win more visitors to its platform. In general,  Amazon has branded itself as a niche e-commerce platform. Most users can get all the items under Amazon in addition to reliable shipping.

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